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We have faith in God and we pray to Him. Do you know He also gives us the authority and privilege to practice speaking out our faith through our words.

Sermon Recap 31st May 2015 – Speaking and Commanding by Ps. Indra Lim

“God doesn’t plan bad things to us. When we come to Him, His desire is to exchange our sorrow into joy, anger into forgiveness, and evil thoughts into peace.” – Ps. Jani

Sermon Recap 24th May 2015 – Big Bold Prayer by Ps. Jani

Take a second and ask yourself, do you depend on God or your own power?

Sermon Recap 17th May 2015 – Ask by Ps. Ajap

“What you pray for reflects what you believe about God.” So why would you pray for situations to just merely pass through when He is capable of bigger and powerful things?

Sermon Recap 10th May 2015 – Big Bold Prayer by Ps. Juliam Tjong

God designs you for success, but He doesn’t promise an easy journey. The recipe for success is, to be strong and courageous!

Sermon Recap 3rd May 2015 – Success by Ps. Indra Lim

Have you ever felt that there’s a persistent lack of meaning in life? Why do we feel empty?

Sermon Recap 19th April 2015 – The Search of Meaning by Ps. Indra Lim

What causes us to worry? And why is worrying doing more harm than good? What does Jesus say about worrying?

Sermon Recap 12th April 2015 – Worry by Ps. Indra Lim
Sermon Recap 5th April 2015 – Just As I Am by Ps. Indra Lim
Sermon Recap 22nd March 2015 – Love and Desire by Ps. Indra Lim

People’s salvation does not rely on me. Our job is only to share what God has placed in our mouth. Obedience is our part. My good works won’t save me. Likewise, my good works won’t save others. My good works is nothing when it’s not pointed to Jesus. So how do we bring people to […]

Sermon Recap 8th March 2015 – Fishers of Men 2 by Ps. Indra Lim
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